Photographer: Molly Olwig

Muse: Tomjana

Assistant: Taylor Plummer

Stylist: Whitney Sylvain 

This shoot & styling is inspired by the city of New Orleans. Though the location is casual and lowkey, the city, and people who inhabit it are jubilant,...


The purpose of this project is to explore the concept of vulnerability and the ways (commonly neglected) in which it can be a strength.  Peeling back the layers of complex experiences to expose various societal issues & constructs which cau...



This look book exists as an ode to predominately black small town cities. The locations represent spaces underrated yet enriched with history, comfort, and nostalgia. The styling embodies a street-style inspired relaxed glamour merged with...


CLOTUS is a collection designed by Kianni Hughes. The collection is inspired by the current political climate comparing it to a circus.

Fashion Designer: Kianni Hughes

Photographer: Daniel Roa

Makeup Artist: Sophia Nava

Creative Direction: Wh...


With the abrasive evolution of technology and culture clashing and acting as key influences in the direction of fashion, we can bet the future of the industry will continue to evolve and challenge the status quo of years prior.

Rather more w...


An heiress loses her fortune and has to navigate through life with with nothing to wear but her designer clothing and premium furs. Although bankrupt, if she's going to live the simple life she's going to do it with high class style....


For this project, I was asked to create 3 trend concepts based on a new, relevant consumer group for the 2020 ASOS White alternative occasion wear market sector. Trend concepts include titles, season, color palette, silhouettes, fabrics, &...


The Flower Re-Shadows

 The past year has unquestionably been simultaneously challenging and groundbreaking for women, specifically women of color. Although many issues and adversities arise regarding the social and political climate today, i...



This project is a journalistic/magazine article based on a predicted emerging 2020 trend concept. Includes primary and secondary inspirational imagery to support trend.

Layout Design – Whitney Sylvain


As we approach new seasons, we approach new trends. Check out some of the street-style and runway clothing, print, and styling trends I've spotted for the upcoming seasons. This trend journal presents to you some trends I have found to be v...

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