July 29, 2018

The purpose of this project is to explore the concept of vulnerability and the ways (commonly neglected) in which it can be a strength.  Peeling back the layers of complex experiences to expose various societal issues & constructs which cause black women, specifically, to avoid vulnerability. Ultimately alluding to the idea that there is strength in vulnerability. Reinforcing vulnerability as the the key to greater courage, authentic confidence, adequate self-discovery, genuine intimacy, and as a result, true self-expression. The piece will tie back to self love, improvement,  & empowerment.










Shoot 1:

Art Direction & Styling: Whitney Sylvain 

Photographer: Kendall Jackson  

Model: Faith Newton

Set Assistants: Taylor Plummer 


Shoot 2:

Art Direction & Styling: Whitney Sylvain 

Photographer: Morgan Kitchen 

Makeup Artist: Sophia Nava 

Models: Rachael Livsey, Elise Lowery,

Kharlybia Roane, Marshayla Turner &

Nayelin Delgadillo 

Set Assistants: Taylor Plummer, Kendall Jackson 


Shoot 3:

Art Direction & Styling: Whitney Sylvain 

Photographer: Cath Nguyen

Photography Assistant: Savannah LaCroix

Model: Japarah Thompson 


Published in Sheen Magazine Jan/Feb 2019 Issue




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