May 31, 2018







With the abrasive evolution of technology and culture clashing and acting as key influences in the direction of fashion, we can bet the future of the industry will continue to evolve and challenge the status quo of years prior.


Rather more women embrace the Comme des Garcons route or we all collectively choose to discontinue stuffy attire for work, one thing’s certain, the fashion industry is heading in a much more relaxed direction.We’re choosing sneakers oppose to heels, wearing our own shade of nude, and opting for new perspectives to view our basics. Clearly longing for and even progressing towards heightened levels of self satisfaction, this principle will characterize what people wear in the years to come.


While the future seems unclear in other industries, we know exactly the direction fashion is heading...don’t say we didn’t warn you.


- Whitney Sylvain 








Elisa Londono



Mariana Alvarez Sierra



Vivian Lee



Whitney Sylvain



Whitney Sylvain


*models & photographers as listed in book





This is a coffee table book which explores emerging trends for the 2020 woman who is evoked by fashion & society through an artistic lens.





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